Dedicated support

We support clients:

  • in identifying the most suitable shipyard for their upcoming (dry-)dockings, repairs, inspection, maintenance, new builds and conversion projects.
  • in looking for the availability of a full service repair pier with crane-services facilities;
  • in building up a technical specification for yard bidding;
  • in preparing the optimum technical and commercial solution;
  • in developing the best design;
  • in getting a reasonable cost-indication;
  • in assisting during the contract awarding;
  • and, if needed, we can arrange onsite supervision.

In case of an emergency, we can assist in finding a dockslot for urgent repair.


Opaallaan 1180 – 3.13
2132 LN  Hoofddorp

Phone: +31(0)35 695 2722
Mob: +31 (0)6 8215 7094 (Roberta)
Mob: +31 (0)6 5428 1682 (Margaret)



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