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Roberta Hiemstra

Managing Director

Roberta Hiemstra was born in 1993 in Telsiai, Lithuania.

Since her childhood Roberta is passionate about ships and their engines. It was therefore not surprising that she opted for a career in the maritime sector.

After successfully finishing her education as Maritime Transport Engineer in Klaipeda Lithuania, Roberta obtained her master’s degree in Sea Engineering (Fleet Operations) from the University of Klaipeda in 2018.

While studying, Roberta was already joining the team of Project Estimators at Western Shiprepair BLRT Group in her home country. In this function she was involved in the completion of various large ship repair projects.

In March 2018 Roberta moved to the Netherlands to continue her career as Project Estimator at Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam. Here she was involved in preparing offers and quotations, estimating the required capacity and costs for repairs, arranging contracts, participating in pre-bid meetings, and keeping close contact with clients.

In August 2020 Roberta was named Managing Director at Atra Holland.

Knowing all the shipyard aspects and processes, from offer to completion of a project, gives Roberta a huge advantage in supporting her clients.

Languages: Lithuanian, English, German, and Dutch.

Margaret Osinga

Sales Representative

Margaret Osinga was born in 1963 in Alkmaar, the Netherlands.

After some wanderings in various professions, Margaret actually came into the maritime world by coincidence a quarter of a century ago. She began her professional career in 1997 at the towage and transport company International Towage Contractors (ITC) of the Netherlands.

Margaret started in the administration department, but soon followed her appointment as sales manager in the commercial department.

Together with her colleagues Margaret concluded many towage contracts and also managed the execution of these transports all over the world. Later on she specialized herself in offshore operations, such as anchor handling and terminal support.

With her commercial and administrative skills Margaret developed strategy plans for the company, and travelled throughout Europe to maintain good relationship with clients and brokers.

Effective January 1, 2019, Margaret has been appointed as sales representative at Atra Holland.

Languages: English, French, German and Dutch.

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